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Iron Ore Lumps

Iron Ore Lumps

We are one of the topmost iron ore lumps suppliers, incepted in India. Our fine iron ore lump is procured from some of the most dependable iron ore manufactures. Our natural iron ore lump is assured to be 100% natural. Our optimum quality iron ore lump is provided to customers at the most competitive prices.

High Grade Lumps :

Chemical Analysis Fe 62.00% & 60.00% Minimum
Silica 2.00% Maximum
Alumina 2.00% Maximum
Phosphorous 0.10% Maximum
Sulphur 0.05% Maximum
Moisture 7.00% Maximum
Physical Analysis 12.5 mm - 203.2mm
-6 mm 15.00% Maximum
+35 mm 5.00% Maximum

Low Grade Lumps :-

Chemical AnalysisFe57.00% Minimum
Physical Analysis12.5 mm - 203.2mm
-6 mm15.00%Maximum
+35 mm5.00%Maximum

  • Iron Ore Lumps (001)

    Iron Ore Lumps (001)
  • Iron Ore Lumps (002)

    Iron Ore Lumps (002)